Fast Acting, Deep Penetrating and Warming Relief*


RELAXING Creation Balm™ provides daily support for weary or injured muscles and joints. This topical salve is just what you need for long lasting comfort and relief.  Our formula includes the most complete balance of full-spectrum, phytocannabinoid-rich, extracted hemp oil, arnica extract, and seven specifically selected essential oils all blended in an all-natural olive oil, hemp seed oil and beeswax base.


With a warming sensation from the essential oils and skin nourishing olive and hemp oils*, you  can apply topically one or more times a day for immediate and effective localized support to those painful spots, injuries, or restless legs*.


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RELAXING Creation Balm™

  • Whole plant, full spectrum hemp extract

    Arnica oil extract, with 7 Active Essential oils

    Olive Oil

    Hemp Seed Oil

    Beeswax Base