Cooling, soothing effective ache relief*


We’ve crafted a special formulation of phytocannabinoid rich hemp extracts combined with three powerful essential oils (organic German chamomile, organic Bulgarian lavender, and organic peppermint) to create a unique, multifunctional way to relieve aches and pains.  Blended in a calendula and sunflower base cream, this unique cooling combination of active compounds deeply penetrates the dermal layers to restore and invigorate the body’s endocannabinoid receptors lying just below the surface.* SOOTHING Creation™ helps reduce skin irritation, rejuvenates skin, reduces inflammation, helps psoriasis, and provides a deep penetrating muscle and joint discomfort relief.*


Steam Distilled Organic Essential Oils are isolated from hydrosol as fragrant plant material is processed through steam distillation.  These oils have been shown to have various effective therapeutic uses.  Organic Bulgarian Lavender, Organic German Chamomile and Organic Peppermint are blended with hemp extracts to add their properties into the combined topical skin cream.  This created one of the most fast acting, functional and beneficial arrays of compounds available in any topically applied muscle and joint relief product.


Calendula Sunflower Cream is used as a rich and absorbent base cream for our SOOTHING Creation™ Muscle and Joint Cream.


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SOOTHING Creation™

  • Calendula Sunflower Cream

    Organic Bulgarian Lavender

    Organic German Chamomile

    Organic Peppermint